The Ball

Gabriel’s face tensed in confusion as he watched a small brown object hurtle through space. He looked over towards God for an explanation, but all he got was a wink.

A few moments before, Gabriel witnessed God speak a word into the void. At first, all he could see was a small point of light, but then the point began to uncoil itself. Vast clouds slowly unwrapped themselves and stretch themselves out as though waking from sleep. It was as though all eternity had been neatly folded into that one point and now it was time for it to be opened.

Gabriel became overwhelmed by what he was seeing: The heat, the light and the sound were intense. It was all noise and confusion, and yet also deeply wonderful and he realised he had no words to describe its beauty.

As Gabriel watched he began to notice the slow march of order as iridescent clusters began to appear filled with bright, many-coloured stars. Meanwhile, he heard the sound of the word echoing like a drumbeat marking out a rhythm to which the universe was learning to dance. A steady rhythm to which all of creation was joining in. Each star with its own colour and its own song and yet there was no discord anywhere, for everything became one vast symphony of light and sound.

Aeons passed, and he was only just beginning to get used to the warmth of the sound, when he began to hear a new song joining in. How long it had been there, he was never quite sure, for he realised that it had already been playing softly for a while before he first noticed it. It was a more delicate sound, as though silken threads were being woven into the symphony.  Gabriel realised that life had begun.

The music was so rich now that Gabriel felt drunk on it’s melody. So, it came as quite a shock when he first heard a jarring sound. He thought he must have imagined it, but it grew louder and could not be ignored. It was an odd cacophony: simultaneously jarring, and yet at the same time adding its own strange and unexpected richness to the symphony. Gabriel could not make out what it was and so he sought out its source. It did not take him long.

There in one corner of the universe, on one of the most beautiful of planets was mankind looking very pleased with themselves for the cities they had built and the concrete they had poured over the fields.

For some reason Gabriel found his eyes drawn to a forlorn group of boys. They were sitting in an old basketball court that had been built before wealth had left that part of the city, having left behind the lifeless corpse of the court, with the remnants of a net dangling from its rusted hoop. The boys had no ball and so it was destined to remain lifeless.

As the boys sat there, their attention was caught by something that appeared to be falling from the sky. A few moments later a small brown object went clear through the basketball hoop and gently rolled towards them. It was an official NBA basketball. The best the boys had ever seen.

Gabriel’s mouth fell open and God winked again.

Written By Ken

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