Three Weddings and a Funeral

There are three types of wedding, but I am unsure of its funeral…

The Production

The day she got married everything went  to plan and even the well rehearsed groom seemed to be enjoying playing his part, which he did almost flawlessly as he made his vows on the hotel lawn and the registrar pronounced them man and wife. It was the production of her life and even the sun seemed to cooperate that day as it shone on the happy couple. They already lived together and owned their home, but little did it matter, because all childhood dreams need a fairytale ending, and this was hers.

The Formality

On the day of my wedding the registrar got ready to go through the formalities. We had come with only two witnesses, for we were to marry again later in our church, but our church could not do the legal bit, which was why we were now standing in these formal surroundings with an over-officious registrar, who was in serious doubts about our seriousness.

I am not sure whether it was the ridiculousness of the enforced formality or just nerves on my part, but either way I was desperately stifling back a laugh. A task, I discovered, that was not that easy to do, as each of my marriage lines trailed off into a barely contained squeal. The registrar slammed down his book and looked ready to storm out.

I barely held myself together, so it is perhaps fortunate that I was unaware of the fury of my bride towards the stuffiness of the registrar, or the fact that our two friends were nearly collapsing in tears behind us. I am sure the angels had a good laugh that day, but at least I got my bit of paper.

The Joining

Abraham did not want his son to marry from amongst the Canaanites, and so he sent his servant to the land of his kin to find a wife for his son, Isaac. There, the servant met Rebekah and brought her back to meet Isaac.

Early one evening as Isaac was relaxing in the field, he saw the servant’s camels approaching, and Rebekah was with them. Rebekah saw Isaac and so took her veil and covered herself.

After the servant told Isaac the story of how he met Rebekah, Isaac brought her into his mother tent and took her as his wife and loved her.

The Funeral?

The news headline announces the death of marriage as we know it. Cameron had just redefined marriage by putting his weight behind same-sex marriage and making it law. But what is marriage anyway?

Written By Ken

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