(Lyrics by Graham Kendrick)

Georgie was a boy who never thought much,
Took life with a pinch of nonchalance.
Listened to advice,
But never took it –
Or maybe once,
Or maybe twice.

Everyone agreed he was a good boy,
Rather, that he never did things wrong.
But if he wasn’t there,
Well, no one missed him.
Maybe two
Or maybe one.

One day he decided to get married
And after all this time
they might as well.
Everyone agreed they should be happy.
Well, after all
They might as well…

Hey there, hey there Georgie, can you hear me?
Will you please excuse me if I shout?
Has anybody ever once got near you?
For there is nothing in your eyes
That’s looking out.

Georgie your a loser
And you are lost inside yourself.
Worst of all,
I don’t think that you know.
What you think is life is just a counterfeit.
You’ve been cheated out of everything that’s life.

Georgie didn’t anybody tell you
You were meant to be a child of God
Made to be a rich man in his kingdom
made to be a precious object of his love.

But Georgie was a boy who never thought much,
Took life with a pinch of nonchalance,
Listened to advice.
But never took it –
Or maybe one,
Or maybe twice.

But its sad to say,
That ‘till this day,
Georgie’s never really lived a life.

Copyright (c) 1976 Make Way Music

I heard this not long after I became a Christian and it resonated with me and helped call me out of myself.

Written By Ken

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