Ken 12 Apr , 2015

In June 1995 I was in Toronto when I had an encounter with the Spirit. Since then I have not been content with a Gospel message that leaves people indifferent and is seemingly irrelevant to those I work with. If the Gospel is the power of God, then we are missing something. Or at least, that was how I am left feeling, and what started me on the quest, of which this site is a part.

The site has taken many forms. Its first was ‘A Journey Shared’. I hoped that just sharing my journey might engage some, but as my thought clarified I realised I was wrestling with a number of disjointed pieces and I needed some way of placing them down to see the emerging picture. This became the ‘Two Kingdoms’. Yet, as the picture became clearer, I realised it was too academic and needed to engage the imagination. A story to awaken us to the possibilities of the Gospel of the Kingdom, and hence its next expression as ‘Kingdom Awakening’. But, an enforced hiatus caused a rethink. What was I trying to do? I had a lot material accumulated over a number of years, some long past its sell-by date. Somehow I needed to bring it all together. As I boiled down my notes I realised that I was also homing in on the picture that had eluded me for so long.

What I had not expected was the extent to which the clarity of my vision also brought into sharper focus the gap between that and my daily life. Somehow, I needed to find a way of grounding this all. Making it a reality for me. Which is where I come full circle. The one thing I discovered in my earlier ‘A Journey Shared’ blog was that it made my life more intentional, which is what I felt was needed now. So here it is ‘A Journey Shared’, albeit one reborn with a clearer end in view.

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