User Guide

Ken 04 Aug , 2017

You will get the most from this site if you understand a number of its metaphors and its categories.


In this site there three recurring metaphors.

  • Iceberg: The thing about an iceberg is that only a tenth of it is visible. The vast majority of it is unseen. Our modern culture, routed in the Enlightenment, has mistakenly confused what it can observe with what is real. You can find our more about this in my Icebergs article.
  • Blue Pill, Red Pill: In the film the Matrix Neo has a choice between taking the Blue Pill and going back to the reality that he knew, or the Red Pill and seeing reality as it is. Our choices are similarly stark. You can find out more about this in my Red Pill article.
  • Jigsaw:Over the years I have found myself understanding things in fragments. While these seemed to be unrelated, I felt I needed to lay them out as if they were jigsaw pieces to see what larger picture emerged. Much of this site is a result of that.


The various articles have been loosely categorised to help you find the articles you are interested in. They reflect my areas of focus and the history of this site.

There are two categories covering my journey:

  • Past Journey covers articles relating to my history.
  • Journey Present covers articles relating to my current journey, learning what it means to close the gap between where I am and where I believe a citizen of the Kingdom should be.

I have three categories that describe the bigger picture that emerged from the jigsaw:

  • Kingdom relates to articles about the Kingdom of God. It is the Kingdom of which we are called to be citizens.
  • World relates to articles that describe our modern world and tries to expose some of its underlying assumptions. In part, it aims to prick its Utopian myth.
  • Invasion is what our lives are about. Heaven invading earth, or as Jesus put it ‘Your Kingdom come, on earth, just as it is in heaven.

In addition, there are two categories for more creative pieces that aim to activate the imagination on this journey:

  • Imagining aims to place us within the narrative of the Kingdom story.
  • Poetic Imagination is a loose category for more poetic pieces, largely gleaned from others.

Needless to say, not everything fits neatly in a category and some articles could be placed in more than one category. Rather than multiplying categories or complicating the structure I’ve kept things simple, even if that means at times making fairly arbitrary choices.